24 Mar

MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available


Update: A new Version which works in R# 4 Final is here


I've just made a quick port of my MbUnit 2.4 PlugIn to ReSharper 4.0

It's called Beta 7 and is available as download and as source.

No new features were added or bug fixed since Beta 6, if you use Beta 6 and ReSharper 3.1 then there is no need for downloading Beta 7.



Ich habe gerade mein MbUnit 2.4 PlugIn nach ReSharper 4.0 portiert. Es ist die Beta 7 und verfügbar als Download und im Quelltext.

Es wurden keinen neuen Funktionen hinzugefügt noch fehler behoben seit Beta 6. Wenn Du Beta 6 mit ReSharper 3.1 verwendest dann besteht kein Bedarf für Beta 7.





Der Eintrag ist mir etwas Wert


# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Maruis Marais at 3/24/2008 9:53 PM Gravatar
Just when I needed it. On Thursday last week, I tried to upgrade the source code to use R# 4.0, but failed. Anyways, thanks for the upgrade. I'll let you know if I find any issues...

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Rob at 3/26/2008 7:12 AM Gravatar
Hi there,

Thanks for the update,

I noticed that you can only do ALL tests, you can't actually select just individual tests thre is no icon for each test. The icon only appears for the textfixture

Regards Rob

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Rob at 3/27/2008 12:42 AM Gravatar
I've also posted a bug about Enum's here:

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Colin at 3/29/2008 12:04 PM Gravatar
When I use this to run MbUnit tests in VS2008, the Unit Test Session window appears, a green line goes across it, but all of the tests remain grey. How do I get it to run the tests?

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by ShadowFil at 4/13/2008 9:41 AM Gravatar
I note when I try to run only one unit test, all the tests are run but only the output of the test asked is displayed. If it is possible, it will be very useful to be able to run really only one test. That will more efficient, faster.

Other thing, with log4net, we can use a ColoredConsole appender to send colored logs to the output. A red color for the error logs, and anothers colors for others levels of logs is very useful to quicly see a problem. But in the MbUnit plugin, the colors are lost. So if you have a way and the time to allow that, that will be great.

Thank you very much.

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Gavin at 6/10/2008 5:10 PM Gravatar
We find your plugin invaluble for using MbUnit from within Resharper. Were very appreciative of the work you've done with the plugin.

With the port for ReSharper 4.0 we've run into a snag getting it to work with MbUnit and just need some guidance to getting unit tests running from within VisualoStudio 2008.

We've installed ReSharper 4.0 for use in VS2008 and MbUnit 2.4 and the beta-7 plugin, but so far Resharper doesn't see MbUnit from within the IDE. The plugin is shown in the plugins dialog for Resharper. What are the steps we should take to get these all working together?

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by mihkel at 6/10/2008 5:12 PM Gravatar

i've istalled this plugin for the resharper 4 final version. it appears under the resharper plugins menu, but not in the unit testing options menu under the unit testing providers list. what could be the problem?


# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Gavin at 6/10/2008 5:59 PM Gravatar
That's the same for us. It's not appearing in the unit test providers check list.

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Silver at 6/11/2008 12:29 PM Gravatar
I have the same problem mentioned above. Maybe an update is needed for the ReSharper 4 final version? I have not tried Resharper 4 beta - the plugin might have worked with the beta resharper.

Gallio also has issues with the release versionon of ReSharper 4 (http://www.gallio.org/).

# re: MbUnit PlugIn for R# 4.0 available

left by Albert Weinert at 6/12/2008 2:31 PM Gravatar
Die R# 4.0 RTM Problem ist fixed in the current source trunk. Please checkout and build by yourself. I will fix the other bugs first bevor a new release.

The new Release will be available in the next week.
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